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Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

       Confession time: I never read Elizabeth Gilbert's blockbuster book Eat Pray Love. I really had no interest in it and quite honestly I call(ed) it "the cult book" because everyone I know that read it started spouting these strange mantras and asking each other what their word was.

  I was intrigued by the movie. I like Julia Roberts. I liked the concept of the movie. And I'm at a point in my life where I am approaching a crossroad so thought it would be a good movie for me. I didn't have very high expectations since my friends the book devotees thought it was slow and Julia Roberts was ill cast, but I had an open mind. I saw it with my friend Carolyn and enjoyed it immensely!

   The scenery was beautiful. The acting was excellent (especially Richard Jenkins) and it had a perfect mix of laugh out loud moments and heart warming ones. I can see where people complained that it dragged and maybe I would be more critical if I read the book. After all, how often are you pleasantly surprised by a movie adaptation of a book you love?

 More importantly, I actually was inspired by the movie. I want to pack up and move to Bali.  I left with a lot to think about (much like after Inception) but I also felt as though that even if my marriage doesn't work out, I will be ok. I won't be alone forever (not with friends) and I will be able to love again. It's a message I sorely needed at this point in my life. So I am going out to buy the book this weekend. I guess you could say I'm the latest cult member and that's perfectly ok with me.

Rating: 4 and 3/4 eyeglasses.


Virgowolf said...

I saw Julia Roberts on Oprah discussing the film. I also had no intention of seeing this film and did not read the book either, but I ended up seeing it on a last minute whim. I also love Julia Roberts and thought this was a great movie. It delivers a great message which can certainly apply to my life at the present time as well. I also loved Richard Jenkins. Did I tell you he came into Old Navy in North Attleboro about 7 years ago when I was working there. I said hello to him and got an autograph, which I think I have since mistakenly misplaced, grr. Anyway, I don't yet know what my word is, but I do know i want to really start to meditate soon...

Jenn said...

I remember you talking about meeting him. I saw him at Dave's last year. I just said Hi though.

Buried in Books said...

Okay, I confess, I read the book part way. But you can only read about washing a floor in an ashram and looking for her quiet place for so long. I never made it past India. She's still washing the floor. My mother and I were just discussing this today. She said her movie critic said it was the worst movie he'd ever seen. I told her, rarely does that mean the public won't like it. Critical acclaim doesn't mean anything to me when it comes to seeing a movie. I'm glad to know you liked it and if you can't get through the book because it drags, don't worry about it. If the movie dragged, believe me, the book will d---r---a---g---. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm in Sandwich! Haven't made it up to Dennis yet, but as soon as the tourist leave we're going to go to Coast Guard Beach. Just too crowded right now. Also haven't been to Ptown yet. Have to explain a few things to my ten yr old son. LOL Heather

Katie said...

This is a great review. I haven't read the book either but I now want to see the film! Btw, I'm now a follower :-)

Lisa said...

I have yet to read the book but my daughter wants to go to the movie so I'm sure we will. I've lately come to find I prefer that to book first so I'm not disappointed by the movie. Glad it was able to help you feel better about your future.

Anonymous said...

I have not read the book either, for the same reasons. I've been wanting to see the movie though and I am glad you liked it!
I've awarded you the One Lovely Blogger Award! Here is the link: