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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's 100 Follower Giveaway Time

If anyone is experiencing issues getting your information logged on the form, please send me an email at Bookwormgal29@gmail.com with your information and number of entries. I'll enter you in by hand to the master spreadsheet. Sorry about any aggravation!
Thank you all so much for not only following me, but also for your own reviews. My husband probably doesn't thank you because of growth rate of my TBR shelves, but I do.

So, as mentioned earlier, to thank you I am hosting a giveaway to one of my lucky followers. Unfortunately the contest is only open to US readers this time. I promise to include international readers in the future. This contest is open until Midnight Monday August 30th, with the winner to be announced on August 31st

One reader gets to pick either ONE of the following (The Distant Hours or Fall of Giants):

Or TWO from these books (Clockwork Angel, Torment, Mockingjay, or The Iron Daughter):

You can click on the photo to read more about each book. And don't forget to leave a comment when you're done.


Steph said...

This is such a great contest... YAY 100 followers!!!!! I tweeted about it too! YAY x2!!

Lydia said...

Fantastic contest! Grats on 100!

Beverly said...

Thanks for hosting - great giveaway -

Tiger Holland said...

Thank you muchly!

elizabeth said...

Thank you kindly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I just entered today, but I don't remember if I entered before...so please ignore one if I entered twice...