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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fellow True Blood Fans

What do you think of the season so far? I'm especially interested if you've read the books (I haven't).

While I am enjoying the fact that Tara is finally getting back to the sassy Tara of season 1, Sookie has a bit of brevity with her spunk, and stangely enough I'm amused by the Franklin storyline - I can't say that I'm jazzed about season 3. The gore is starting to become gratuitous and I'm really bored by the Jason and Sam storylines.

I don't know. I think that maybe they just have too much going on and maybe it would be better if there were less active storylines. I also really dislike Bill this season. It's funny how some characters you love one season grate on your nerves the next. I found myself fast forwarding through Tara's scenes last year, but I am enjoying her this year. I really enjoyed Jason's storyline last year, but find him tedious this year. Is it this convoluted in the books?


Anonymous said...

You HAVE to read the books!! The show is good...but the books are so awesome, the show can't even come close to how good the books are...except that you can SEE Eric Northman instead of dream about him! I agree that Sam and Jason's stories are boring. Jason and Crystal stuff I fast forward through...BUT if they stick to the books...Crystal becomes an important part of the story. We shall see!

Virgowolf said...

I am quite disappointed in this season of True Blood. I think there are way too many new characters introduced at once. It also seems as though they are going for the shock-factor this season, to see how much blood they can pack into each episode. I really want to read the books, they may not come across as cheesy as the show.

Loni said...

The books are amazing! I really enjoy the show (I have to catch up on Season 3, though after reading your comments I'm not sure if I want to), but the books are full of so much more. There are some very distinct differences, which I think will surprise someone who has watched the show, but not read the books. The books are exciting and fun and sexy!