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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Booking Through Thursday - July 8th

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly random question about books and reading, and a good way to gain some insight on bloggers. This week's question is:
Do you have friends and family to share books with? Discuss them with? Does it matter to you?

I am very fortunate that I have people in my life to share books with. My family in particular loves to share books. For me, it's a reminder and an amazement at how alike we are because we gravitate to a lot of the same books.

A common present is a book or gift card to Borders or B&N. My Dad often gets books that I am dying to read and if he isn't out of books to read he will usually let me read it first because I read faster. Unfortunately my reading speed has slowed down significantly since I started grad school. I think right now my Dad has 4 books of mine that he is currently reading.

I don't have many friends that I share books with, but lately I've seen an increase in friends who read. I don't know if it's because I'm expanding my horizons to include readers, or if I'm having a positive influence on people I have known for a long time ;-). I have a book club where we sort of discuss the book we read for about 5 minutes, but by and large I don't get to voice my opinion on books much. I wish I got a chance to talk about them more, but I guess that's why I started blogging.

As far as whether or not it matters, I have to say that yes it does. Like I said, the fact we share books is a great reminder of how alike several members are with me in my family. Books are such a huge part of my life (I'm in library school for a reason!) and I like being able to share my thoughts and opinions on books, and hear the opinions of those who also read. I don't know a better way to expand my reading horizons. Thank goodness for the book blogosphere!

Oh and I've joined Book Blogs. Check out my page and friend request me if you'd like.

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