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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Fluff Post

So I really haven't posted this week because I figure no one wants to hear my thoughts on the book I've been reading this week (and for the next month), "Applications of Social Research Methods to Questions in Information and Library Systems" by Barbara M. Wildemuth. Heck, I don't want to hear about it and I have to read the book. No offense to Barbara or anything, but the topic is pretty mind numbing.

It's Friday, and my Dad's birthday, so I thought a fluff post is in order. So here are my prefered reading spots, and issues that come up when I try to utilize them.

Prefered spot #1 is my husband Mike's recliner. It's fluffy and so comfy, like sitting on a marshmallow

There are 3 problems associated with this spot. One, Mike actually likes to use his chair (can you believe the nerve?). Two, the lighting isn't the greatest in that corner of the room (as you can tell by the darkness of the picture). Three, I can't seem to sit there without both beagles climbing on top of me. Exhibit A: Gromit has taken over

Spot # 2 is my couch. This is where I am a lot because I can stretch out, have good lighting, and there's easy access to the coffee table and my comfy Nantucket beach sticker blanket.

There aren't too many negatives, aside from the cushions sliding out if I sit up to read, and not much back support if I lay down. However, once again I get edged out by a beagle. Exhibit B: Peabody, my shadow.

The sheet is on the couch because of the dog fur. Peabody doesn't always like it when I read, and will usually face me and push his head down on the book until I put the book down.

So those are my usual reading spots when I'm not in bed or in the hammock.

Happy Birthday Dad, and thanks for passing on your love of reading to me. I consider it a win win situation for us both (namely because of the free books).

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